Oren Marshall

Composer and Performer, Tuba and Electronics

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  1. We saw you at the BBC radio 3 last night.
    You were amazing!!! I have never seen any thing like this before. You and the drammer were out off this world.
    Thank you.
    We whold love to see you again.
    Let me know when you are playing in London and you sold 2 tickets or more : )
    Helen & Yossi

  2. Thursday’s gig was amazing… Joyful, beautiful, sublime and ridiculous. What a band…

    We need music to “wash the dust of every day life from the soul.”

    Trust me - we got rinsed.

    Left Charlie Wrights feeling uplifted, entertained, enriched and inspired; and all the better for a healthy dose of elephant osteopathy…

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