Oren Marshall

Composer and Performer, Tuba and Electronics

Gut Rumble

Gut Rumble is a Tuba ensemble that numbers anywhere between 6 and 70 tuba players. The group plays improvisations, new compositions and arrangements and essentially creates vibrations of great profundity, literally rumbling the guts of large buildings and generally spreading bemusement and hilarity amongst those fortunate enough to be present.

Chorale from St John Passion - (03:11)
– J.S.Bach (arr. O.M) Recorded at the Dukes Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London,1997
Elgar Howarth conducts 26 tubas in this moving performance in memory of the late great tuba player John Fletcher.

Step by Step - (13:12) Oren Marshall
Recorded at Blackheath Concert Halls, London, 2007.This piece is designed to be played by players of any level and was played on the day by 70 tuba players; professionals, college students and school kids. The 3 improvising soloists are (in order) Sergio Carolino from Portugal ( www.myspace.com/sergiotubabondcarolino ), Roland Szentpali from Hungary and Oren Marshall from the UK. Owen Slade ( www.owenslade.co.uk )puts in some real sub-sonic bombs… Listen on big speakers with the volume turned right up!

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  1. Many thanx to Oren for making such presentations. And for helping to create an welcome atmosphere for our instrument. As a big fan of UK tuba playing and players, it’s wonderful to see Oren keeping the ball rolling. After having a tuba ensemble for 40 years, and mass ensemble presentations since 1977, I am glad to see that the idea is still going on.

    later, Howard Johnson

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