Oren Marshall

Composer and Performer, Tuba and Electronics



Oren´s Panacea

My first attempt at writing for and leading a band, recorded at Pathway Studios, London in 1987.

1.Raulinho - (5:57)

2.Wait For Me - (4:08)

3.Compost Fly - (2:10)

Personnel : Steve Buckley – Alto Sax
Chris Batchelor – Trumpet
Conal Fowkes – Piano
Pete Eckford – Congas
Dave Pattman – Drumkit
Oren Marshall – Tuba/Electric Tuba

Bass In Ya Face

A short-lived but enjoyable project, also recorded at Pathway in 1988.

1. Funky M Piece - (3:05)

Personnel :
John Harborne – Trombone
Richard Henry – Bass Trombone
Oren Marshall – Electric Tuba Mouthpiece
Steve McManus – Bass Guitar
Pete Eckford – Congas

Kumasi Jam

Kumasi Jam - (4:59)

A little trip to Kumasi, Ghana in 1993 saw me play at the Cutural Centre. This is where “Bush Baby” started(see “Time Spent At Traffic Lights”). My first attempt at merging the worlds of European Free-Improvised Music with Ghanaian Traditional Music. Three of the resident drummers at the Cultural Centre very subtly support and the close mic picks up some of the audience reaction/participation.

Sankoko Jam

Sankoko Jam - (6:08)

The first time I took a tuba to Ghana, West Africa in 1992. Jamming a Highlife outside Sankoko House, Madina, Accra with my friend Kweshi Futukpor. I call some traditional Kpanlogo songs on the tuba and he tells some drum “jokes”. Other friends join in the fun.

Oren Marshall Trio with members of The Pan-African Orchestra

In 1994 the 30-piece PAO came over to the UK from Accra, Ghana. This is a tune I wrote called Mosquito(an insect one becomes very familiar with in Africa) and features 9 members of the Orchestra(including Yaw Asumadu on Djembe and Congas) playing with myself on Tuba, Steve Buckley on Alto Sax and Simone Haggiag on Nigerian Talking Drum. The recording was taken from our first rehearsal in Bristol, UK.

Mosquito - (7:26)

Oren Marshall Trio with Afroshock (Maurizio Ravalico – Congas/Percussion, Davide Giovannini – Drumkit)

The first of these tunes is entitled Chasing Mr B and features Steve Buckley lightly flexing his chops on tin whistle(you will understand why he is known amongst musicians as the greatest jazz whistle player in the world).

Chasing MrB - (2:59)

The second tune, No Eggs In The Sky is by Steve and myself and begins with a very quiet tuba improvisation. Steve plays Bass Clarinet. Also featuring Simone Haggiag on Talking Drum/Pecussion. Recorded in London, 1995.

No Eggs in the Sky - (7:23)

London Brass(recorded in London, 1989)

1.Kinderzirkus (1st mvt) – Jan Koetsier - (2:45)

Featuring Mark Bennett and Andy Crowley (Trumpets), Frank Lloyd (French Horn), Roger Harvey (Trombone)
2.Badinerie from Orchestral Suite No. 2 – J.S.Bach (arr. Roger Harvey) - (01:19)

A little example of some classical playing I have done. The Koetsier was the 1st take of the day and the Bach, which I used to play as an encore at the end of our shows, was the last thing we recorded in the day.

Improvisation for Prepared Tuba

Recorded live at Wigmore Hall, London, 2001. A bit of fun. I´ll never forget seeing my Dad´s face in the audience, he was really enjoying himself!

Prepared Tuba - (3:18)

“Oren Marshall stole the show with his first solo…” Evening Standard

The following recordings are short samples that feature The Charming Transport Band as it was when there were only 6 members (it´s now an eight-piece). We did a brilliantly memorable tour to Holland following all sorts of visa problems and flights almost being missed! Some great gigs in London too. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for the release of our forthcoming CD, “Family Connections”.

From to left to right, Miles James, Jay Phelps, Nathaniel Facey, Oren, Annor Asamoah(squatting) Afla Sackey, Yaw AsumaduPersonnel : Nathaniel Facey - Alto Sax, Oren - Tuba, Miles James - Guitar, Yaw Asumadu - Djembe/Congas, Annor Asamoah - Gomé drum, Afla Sackey - Shakers/Atenteben Flute

Photo : From to left to right, Miles James, Jay Phelps, Nathaniel Facey, Oren, Annor Asamoah(squatting) Afla Sackey, Yaw Asumadu

Chipmonk (with Jay Phelps on Trumpet)

Stranger in Town (Duo for Tuba and Gome)

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