Oren Marshall

Composer and Performer, Tuba and Electronics


The instrument you see Oren play in most of the  pictures on this site is a one-off, unique variation on a Tuba called the Orenophone. It was conceived by Oren, built by Mike Johnson and named by tuba players. Full story to come.

In the meantime, enjoy some more of Oren´s recordings…

“…before the concert had started there was already a weird atmosphere. This was only enhanced by the support act. Oren Marshall was the man’s name and he played tuba. Maybe played is the wrong word. He made a lot of strange noises with a tuba.” - Review of support slot for Sleepytime Gorilla Museum


6 tubas,4 recorders,2 atenteben flutes,melodica,berimbau,floor-tom,ghanaian bell,mouth percussion and hand-rubbing. Originally written for and played by CTB. This arrangement was improvised and performed at the Slowfoot studio by Oren sometime in early 2007.


A choir of…? That´s right,Tubas! Composed and performed by Oren the same day as One.


Yes,these are tubas too…


For my best friend at school, Antonio Aparicio and also Tony Allen who plays drums on this track.

All of the above tracks recorded by Frank Byng at the Slowfoot studio.

More to come…