Oren Marshall

Composer and Performer, Tuba and Electronics

Oren Marshall : Tuba and Electronics

Oren Marshall is a pioneering player of acoustic and electric tuba who, crossing between classical - jazz - improvised - world music, has collaborated with the likes of  Bobby Mcferrin, Derek Bailey, Radiohead, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Moondog, Charlie Haden, the Pan-African Orchestra and the London Philharmonic.

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Food for thought»

“In my next life”

Interview with Oren Marshall in White Heat»

“My school band needed a tuba player so I said I’d have a go. Every time I played I was surrounded by laughter. I thought, if that’s how music is then that’s how I want to live. Of course the reality is not so simple but the essence is still there.”



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Creative Projects

Gut Rumble»

Gut Rumble is a Tuba ensemble that numbers anything between 6 and 70 tuba players. The group plays improvisations, new compositions and arrangements and essentially creates vibrations of great profundity, literally rumbling the guts of large buildings and generally spreading bemusement and hilarity amongst those fortunate enough to be present.